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Latest Government Borrowing

The latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show that HMG’s borrowing reached over £300 Bn in the year to March 2021, the highest levels of debt and deficit since the ned of Word War Two. With tumbling tax receipts and NI contributions contributing towards...

Corporate and Business Debt

As we continue the phased coming out of lockdown and business of all shapes and sizes can take the further tentative post lockdown steps to ‘normal’ business, it is worth reflecting sombrely on the damage to the UK economy, businesses and the levels of debt that have...

A New Stock Market Bubble?

Interesting, and worrying, to see warnings of a potential stock market bubble burst akin to Wall Street and 1929, as the FTSE 100 surges, driven by rises in oil process (almost $USD 55 per barrel) , to their highest levels since February 2021. The FTSE rose 229.61...

Start To 2021 – Shoots of Hope

Whatever your thoughts about the wisdom of Brexit are or were, such debates are now over and we must now focus on the reality of where we are today, look forward and be positive, pragmatic, practical and focus on making the best of the new order we find ourselves in....

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