A Global Entrepreneurial Network and Community of CollaborativePartnerships


A community of individual talent, teams and collaborative partnerships.

The GENCOM Group is a boutique, British global enterprise network founded on the pillars of people, partnership and collaboration.

The enterprise network comprises both individual freelance, consulting, specialist and senior level talent; alongside trusted organisations and firms, who individually and collectively form an oustanding community, serving and supporting clients internationally.

Our mission objective is to provide the talent, teams and partnerships, with the multidisciplinary and multi sector expertise, experience and insight to lead, manage and deliver innovation and performance for organisations of all shapes and sizes; from startups, solopreneurs and SME’s, through projects and enterprises, to blue chips organisations and governments.

We seek to achieve this by authoring high-impact solutions and services which add value; and seek to drive, develop and deliver organisational excellence; operational optimisation; and enhance, empower and enrich performance, productivity and profitability. Parallel to this, we seek to help organisations and businesses embrace change, disruption and innovation, and develop resilience.

In short, we seek to help organisations, enterprises and businesses achieve thier fullest potential.

We believe that we can be marked out as a firm, network and community in three areas.

  • The first are our values and our focus on people.
  • The second is our ability to provide clients internationally with significant added value through being a single source provider of integrated enterprise services, solutions and talent.
  • The third is our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the delivery of pragmatical, practical, commercially focused and business orientated results and outcomes.

We have a particular interest in and focus on promoting British companies internationally, supporting sole traders, SME’s and family firms; and serving clients across The Middle East, Africa and Asia, where we have historic connections and exceptional experience.



We are always interested in hearing from good men and true who might be interested in joining our pool of talent.

We are particularly interested in talking to those with an excellent professional pedigree and calibre, at a senior level perhaps with multidisciplinary, multisector expertise and experience, and former UK and Commonwealth military officers and SNCO’s; as well as perhaps from Oxbridge and Russell Group’s universities’ and Eton and Rugby Group schools’ backgrounds.

A primary pillar of The GENCOM Group is GENCOM Talent, its network of international people and talent, good men and women true all.

Drawn from former British and Commonwealth (Australian, Canadian and New Zealand) armed forces, as well as British, European and international government, business and academic environments, our pool of specialist consulting, operational, freelance and specialist talent are of the highest professional pedigree and calibre, and bring to clients exceptional added value through their expertise, insight and extensive senior level, multidisciplinary, multi-sector and senior level experience internationally.

So, if your enterprise, organisation, business or project requires senior level leadership or operational management, specialist, technical or functional expertise on an interim, contractor, project or freelance basis, then we have the people you require.

Our talent will support you in leading, driving and delivering your enterprise, organisational, business or project strategic, transformational and operational objectives; address and overcome the challenges and issues you may face; help drive change, innovation and constructive disruption; empower enhanced performance, productivity and profitability; and foster organisational excellence and high-performance cultures.


The GENCOM Group’s second core pillar is GENCOM Enterprise, its global business and enterprise network of British and European talent and member organisations.

For both clients internationally, and members of the Group’s Enterprise Network, the business and enterprise network provides access to a single, added value, even eclectic, source and portfolio of integrated and stand alone business, professional, specialist, technical and niche enterprise services and goods, provided by best of breed and trusted British and European talent, and firms.

The business and enterprise network has also been specifically designed, built and developed to serve as your UK, European and international business partner.




Clients can be assured that all our talent, enterprise community and collaborative partner organisations are known to, handpicked, vetted and trusted by us; so assuring that clients receive the highest calibre professional pedigree, reputation and quality, as well as bring to clients the tangible business and operational advantages and benefits brought by their knowledge, skills, expertise and experienc

We have particular expertise and experience in serving and supporting Middle Eastern, Gulf region and Far Eastern clients, from Libya to Singapore and Saudi Arabia to Japan, across multidisciplinary engagements.

We are also particularly proud that the enterprise network provides a vehicle to promote British organisations and firms, to clients internationally.


We have a personal, special interest in and commitment to supporting solopreneurs, micro, SME and family firms, both British and internationally.

GENCOM Accelerator is the group’s specialist international SME arm, whose mission objective is twofold.



Firstly, it exists to help and support solopreneurs, micro, family firms, and SME’s.

From solopreneurs and micro businesses starting up, to mature family frms and SME’s seeking more sophisticated support, GENCOM Accelerator is here to support you.

Our focus here is on providing the specialist, technical, functional, business, coaching and mentoring, managed and outsourced services, as well as the talent,which you require, tailored to and fit for your specialist requirements at every stage of their entrepreneurial adventure.

Access to such an added value, single source of integrated enterprise services offers flexible, scalable, high-impact and high value operational benefits which brings peace of mind and allows them to focus on what is important to them, business development, capture and delivery.

Secondly, GENCOM Accelerator provides solopreneurs, micro, family firms, and SME with a dedicated support network and community of peers, and so allow them to draw upon shared experiences, informal and formal support, specialist SME business coaching and mentoring; and shared knowledge, expertise and experience.





GENCOM Programme and Project Office specialises in three core areas.

The first is helping and supporting clients internationally to author, lead and manage the high-performance programme and project cultures, teams, frameworks and systems which assure success.

The second is building, leading and managing collaborative, strategic and operational partnerships and joint ventures, as well as brokering goods and services with British and European organisations and firms. With our extensive international expertise and experience, we are extremely well versed in successfully ensuring that all parties’ interests are honourably, ethically, commercially and operationally protected and that mutually rewarding business is achieved.

The third area is the authoring, building, leading and managing specialist consortia and joint-venture teams.


The GENCOM Group own and runs four specialist consortia.


The International Aviation Training Consortium

The IATC is a British and European consortium which delivers specialist military and civilian aviation consulting and training services, with a focus on supporting and developing aviation sectors, in The Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We have a particular interest in supporting aviation-based nationalisation initiatives.


The Anglo-African Business Consortium 

The Anglo-Arabian Business Consortium 

The Anglo-Asian Business Consortium

These three regional consortia specialise in the identification, mining, development, capture and delivery of business for joint venture British and national organisations and firms.

The consortia’s aims are not only to pursue mutually rewarding, sustainable and successful business, but to foster wider and deeper diplomatic, historical, cultural and ‘academic’ ties.






For member organisations and individual professionals alike, the enterprise network offers advantages and rewards.

For both external clients as well as members, the enterprise network offers access to:

  • A single, added value, source of multidisciplinary products, goods and services
  • A pool of specialist freelance and consulting SME talent
  • The ability to design enterprise, organisational, business and operational success through collaborative partnerships
  • A potential internal market
  • Potential international business development and capture opportunities
  • Preferential, favourable, and added value commercial and business terms and conditions.

Membership of the network also affords organisations and individuals access to a peer community and support, with the opportunities to network; benefit from business coaching, mentoring and support services; shared knowledge, expertise and experiences; and opportunities to participate in specialist interest groups, forums, seminars, symposiums and workshops; as well as receive additional benefits and rewards delivered through external strategic and collaborative participating partners.

Individual and organisational members alike are strongly encouraged to support the internal market by using organisational and individual members’ services, expertise and experience as a first port of call for their operational requirements, in line with our mutual support and enterprise community network raison d’être and values.









We hope that membership of the community will enable, empower and enrich individual, organisational and professional lives alike.


Our global enterprise network, consulting, operations and management specialist services encompass:


Information, Communications and Technology

Management Consulting

Managed Services

Operational Services

Organisational and Business Design, and Growth

Outsourced Services

Transformation and Change Management

Professional Services

Programme and Project Management


Brokerage and provision of specialist British organisational services and goods for international parties


Interim Executive, Leadership and Management

Specialist, Professional and Functional Talent

Interim, Contract and Remote Talent and Teams

Strategic, Transformational and Operational Consultants

Non-Executive Directors and Advisors

Specialist, ‘Technical’ and Niche Expertise and Teams

Specialist Programme, Project and Enterprise Teams.


Business Coaching and Mentoring

Business Start-up, Growth and Accelerator Services

Business, Operational and Enterprise Services

Specialist Professional and Functional Talent


Strategic Programme and Project Authoring and Design

Programme and Project Leadership and Management

Specialist Integrated and Stand-alone Programme and Project Teams

Strategic and Collaborative Partnerships and Consortia


Engaging | Enabling | Empowering | Enhancing

London  | Edinburgh | Dublin | Bahrain | Cyprus | Singapore


Operating Across

UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia

The GENCOM Group

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