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Whatever your thoughts about the wisdom of Brexit are or were, such debates are now over and we must now focus on the reality of where we are today, look forward and be positive, pragmatic, practical and focus on making the best of the new order we find ourselves in.

Positive news then that to date The United Kingdom has signed the non-tariffs and non-quotas (within boundaries) free trade deal with The European Union and has signed 60 rollover deals, alongside further deals with Japan, Canada and Mexico.

There are ongoing talks with US, Australia and New Zealand as part of negotiation with a further six nations or blocs, which complement mutual recognition agreements; and alongside these there are other talks underway.

For those who are interested, HMG’s official position can be found at

Collectively these signed and roll over deals are currently worth some £885bn, and whilst this still leaves a sizeable way to go, let us see this as a positive start to 2021.

Interestingly, The Centre for Economics and Business Research suggests global economic output may rise by over 5% in 2021, with the British economy potentially growing by around 8 per cent, which if it happens will be only the fifth time in the last 121 years.

Of course, this must be offset by the damage to the global and British economies by the COVID pandemic, which reduced the UK economy by 11% in 2020, but we remain hopeful, positive and confident that we will recover and lay deep, firm foundations and roots for the future.

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