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On International Women’s Day, it is worth thinking about the role of women in organisations, enterprises and businesses across MENA.

Across MENA, women are often more highly educated and often more motivated than a lot of Arab men, but they still only constitute 25% of the workforce.

It is critically important to the MENA region that not only is this imbalance, but that female enterprise, entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as employment opportunities are radically enhanced for the benefit of the region, individual nations, societies and communities alike.

Over the years there have been outstanding initiatives, but with the global pandemic having such an impact, there is an urgent need to reboot and accelerate opportunities across organisations, business and societies for women to take up leadership and management roles; on supporting and facilitating women focused executive and professional raining, learning and development; and on supporting female entrepreneurship.

As well as work based and business skills, it is imperative that STEM skills are supported and developed, from school upwards.

We also believe that across MENA, especially at leadership and management levels, access to ongoing coaching and mentoring initiatives would be hugely beneficial, not only in help provide professional support, but in building the confidence and elf belief in women, especially younger women, that they can not only succeed, but reach the very top of their chosen path.

We also believe that pan MENA SEED initiatives, helping women to enjoy parallel personal and professional development, as well as benefit from entrepreneurial business support infrastructures, would be of immense benefit.

Such enhanced female inclusivity will have a powerful strategic, transformational and operational impact across enterprises, organisations businesses and societies across MENA, empowering, enriching and enhancing regional, national and individual lives.

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